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Thank you all for your continuing loyalty towards DongBang Acupuncture Inc.

The Best Partner of Your Happy Life

Go first technical power and the know-how!

We will become a bright light of the East by becoming a leading company based on leading quality that leads social contribution for the human race.

Quality is guaranteed

We have been approved by the Korean government for medical device manufacturing and our manufacturing process is internationally recognized ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.


Dongbang Medical, which made accompanied growth with customers through products contributing to improved health and beauty of people, is making new challenges in its annex laboratories.

We also aim to be the number one manufacturer in this area of business in the world and the Korean domestic market.

We have developed advanced products and facilitated a high-technology automated production line to accomplish this.

Now most practitioners in hospitals and clinics who value the best quality needle are using DongBang acupuncture needles.

We supply our products to over 25 countries and will provide whomever and wherever to promote the best standard of health.

Since 2011 Representative DongBang Oceania, Ltd. Sales office has supplied DongBang Acupuncture Needles (Oriental medical supplies) & MTS(Microneedle Therapy System) Cosmetic requirements in New Zealand & Australia (Oceania) with the best service.

We strive to deliver even better quality and service in the future.

Management Belief

10+ years of expertise

DongBang Oceania, Ltd. supplies DongBang Acupuncture Needles & MTS in New Zealand & Australia with the best service since 2011.


Medical Leader

Realise medical leader compoany through creation, innocation and convergence.


Happy Corporate Culture

Accomplish happy corporate culture with customers through impelementation and growth of maximum values


Competitive Advantage

Secure competitive advantage through fostering global talents and product differnriation.


Manufacturing &

Quality Management

Needle tip

Needles are manufactured with high tensile strength and surface smooth surgical grade stainless steel. A pine leaf-shaped tip by advanced grinding technology allows painless insertion.

Automated aseptic packaging equipment

Needles are packaged hygienically and uniformly through an automated process in a 100,000 Class Clean Room to prevent the ingress of foreign substances.

Hygienic, non-pyrogenic EO Sterilization

The sterilization process takes place within in-house facility. Ensure safety for product and environment through regular validation tests.

Quality Management

The quality system is managed under the international standards GMP, ISO and CE. Products are controlled and inspected by strict rules and procedures.

Our factories and HQ Office